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18th to 21st November 2013
Vessel in collaboration with Haizea Barcenilla

The workshop will have two invited professors, Galit Eilat and Nina Möntmann, and will focus on Generative Practices in contexts affected by homogenizing artistic processes.
The idea of Generative Practices starts from a willingness to mirroring the context, responding to it and working on its peculiarities and values instead of trying to fit this and its cultural production within a more hegemonic infrastructure.

We will look at examples that became internationally recognizable thanks to huge and “branding” events or institutions and, on the other hand, look closely at practices that, from those same specific places, try to maintain a productive and context-responsive activity.
How do local practitioners relate to this macro-happenings? How do their life and artistic work continue when the events are finished, or in the shadow of such entrepreneurial institutions? Does the fact of being in the shadows of such a giant help or hinder, visualize or hide the work being done regularly, responding to contextual needs and characteristics?

Through this workshop we aim to:

  • identify those practices that try to trigger an impulse in local artistic and cultural life in contexts affected by global institutions and events;
  • see how the relationship between these two different approaches to art can be problematic, productive or just parallel;
  • identify common strategies for developing generative practices directly related to these type of contextual situations.

Our Curatorial Workshop in Generative Practices is meant for 12 participants, young international curators who will be selected by Vessel’s curatorial team, and Haizea Barcenilla among the ones who answers the Open Call.

Curatorial Workshop in Generative Practices
Bari, 18-21 November 2013

With Galit Eilat and Nina Möntmann
Curated by Haizea Barcenilla and Viviana Checchia
Organized by Vessel with the support of Konstfack

Galit Eilat is a founding director of the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon and a research curator at the Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. She also occupies a post of editor in chief of the Maarav online magazine. Her research interest focus on problems of social and political activism within the field of arts, as well as current politics in the Middle East.

Nina Möntmann is a professor at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, where she heads the department of “Art Theory and the History of Ideas”. Until 2006 she worked as a curator at the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA) in Helsinki. She is a correspondent for Artforum and Le Monde Diplomatique, and contributes regularly to art journals and magazines.

This announcement was published on 18/11/13