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Dear Friend,

We are engaging collaboratively in a discussion to activate an alternative critical practice responsive to our current time which resembles more often a market-driven economy... while more civic engagement is needed.

The past critique has been a binary logic - the neo-liberal regime and the leftist ideologies have both revealed to be ineffective. So, we believe institutions have to move outside of this duality to keep up with the current merging paradoxes. For this reason, we decided to activate a space for collaborative thinking which may allow for the possibility of creating responses to the contemporary way of producing culture.

We invite you, as a cultural producer living in the current scenario to generate ideas together in order to develop a new kind of positioning in response to the effects of post-industrial intangible production.
In particular, we would like to challenge the inherited notion of institutional critique: How is it possible in our current milieu -a regime of all captive capitalism - to open up a critique through the means of cultural production towards the machinic logic of the institution?

We would look forward to your company on April 22nd, 2012 at 2.30 pm for a half a day of informal discussion, to share your experiences and ideas and to create or de-create something together.

Francesco, Jerlyn and Viviana

The project is a continuation of the first edition of the ICW (International Curatorial Workshop) organized by the Italian independent art space vessel. The material that will be produced during the workshop will be included in a publication.

Workshop organized by: Viviana Checchia, Jerlyn Jareunpoon, Francesco Scasciamacchia

April 22nd, 2012 at 2.30 pm
The workshop will be hosted by: Animali Domestici
1b, Saltoun Road, London, SW2 1EN, MAP
Nearest tube station: Brixton on the Victoria Line

We would like to thank animali domestici for the support!

This announcement was published on 22/04/12